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I saw that [ profile] aadler already posted a thing about it, so here’s a bit more detail on everything that’s happened regarding my husband.
  • Irish had a deadline at work on Wednesday, and he never eats right or gets enough sleep beforehand. Everyone in the office loses weight in the time leading up to a deadline.
  • He and his coworkers went out celebrating after the deadline. Normally he doesn’t get home until two thirty at the earliest on these nights, but he came home by eleven thirty and went directly to sleep.
  • He woke up an hour later and started vomiting. I assumed it was a hangover.
  • He was still sick the next day, didn’t eat anything, but did walk to and from the store.
  • Friday he got weird. I woke up to him having plugged the bathroom sink up, knocked everything in, and was flooding it with the water going full blast, muttering about “45 degrees 45 45 45 45”. I managed to get him back to bed. He talks in his sleep, so I assumed it was just an extension of that.
  • He started making less and less sense, but whenever I said I thought he needed to go to the doctor, he’d say that he was fine, he didn’t need a doctor. It was one of the few times he was actually coherent.
  • He did something that, on the surface, isn’t that worrying but that I have literally never seen him do without a reason for it, and that worried me more than the bathroom flooding. I tried to get him to eat something, thinking that he probably had low blood sugar since he hadn’t eaten since Wednesday night and it was at that point 3 on Friday afternoon. He wouldn’t eat, and I called his parents to help me get him to the doctor.
  • His parents texted me when they thought they were fifteen minutes away. He was able to help me get pyjama pants on him and his slippers on him, but not his shirt.
  • By the time his parents got there five minutes later (because traffic was actually good for them), he’d gone mostly non responsive. He’d look at us when we talked, and he’d grunt, but he wouldn’t say any actual words beyond “yeah” and “nuh”.
  • We called an ambulance and waited.
  • In the ten minutes or so that we waited for the ambulance, his breathing changed and we called back. The dispatcher was nice and kept us calm and told us that they were also sending the fire brigade so that someone would get there as fast as possible. He had Irish’s dad put his hand on Irish’s chest and just say “now” every time Irish breathed. He stayed on the phone with us until the firemen got there.
  • By the time they got there, he’d stopped responding completely, other than flicking the eyes at us sometimes when we talked to him. He’d been able to squeeze my hand when I asked him to before, and he wasn’t able to by then.
  • Irish’s blood sugar was 24 when normal levels are 6.
  • We got to ride in the ambulance with the sirens going. Not as much fun as it sounds, and I never thought it sounded particularly fun.
  • By the time we got to the hospital, his blood sugar had climbed to 35.
  • He responded to insulin treatments and the doctors thought it was Diabetes Type One, because he wasn’t showing any signs of abdominal pain, which pancreatitis would have. They flat out told us it was Diabetes Type One.
  • He was awake and talking a little bit when I got to visit with him; he said “I love you, too” and squeezed my hand. I sang our wedding songs to him quietly and he touched my face.
  • They moved him up to ICU before we left for the night.
  • He was responding slower to the insulin drip than he should be if it were diabetes, so they tested him for pancreatitis on Saturday morning. Turns out that’s what it is, even though he didn’t get the abdominal pain until Saturday afternoon.
  • He was awake and talking Saturday and they said he was doing much better, but still needing to level out his blood. He had the lowest number of something in his blood when he came in than they had ever seen in the ICU on someone still alive. (I thought they said the acid in his blood, but it might not have been; I’ve honestly been taking in a lot of information the last couple of days and so I’m getting some details wrong.)
  • He took a turn downhill Sunday morning. At 5:30, he started saying things that didn’t make sense again, and his breathing got shallower. They decided to intubate him and have him on the ventilator, and also do dialysis.
  • They told me that he was fine and that I didn’t need to come in before visiting hours.
  • We went in to visit him this afternoon. He’s really swollen from the fluids but he’s doing much better. They have him in a medically induced coma for now, just to give his body a chance to heal. His blood levels are actually equalizing better than they have been, so the dialysis is doing its job. They have him on a broad spectrum antibiotic for the pancreatitis.
And that’s where we’re at right now.

I’ve been staying with his parents, but I’ll be going home tomorrow evening.
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Round 6 of Circle of Friends is still here! You can find the stories at [ profile] cof_remix.

Title: Sharp Knife of a Short Life (the ‘If I Die Young’ Remix)
Author: Sroni
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Rating: PG-13? Mild cursing, at any rate.
Disclaimer: Characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer are property of Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, Kuzui Enterprises, Sandollar Television, and the WB and UPN.
Original story: “Vigil” by [ profile] eilandesq
Notes: [ profile] aadler is still working on his remix, so this is by no means to replace that; I checked with him to find out if he'd like me to do a pinch hit for until he finishes is, and he agreed. And then my mom arrived in Ireland and I proceeded to get sick as a dog, so I haven't had a chance to work on it until today. So, Eiland, I hope you like your pinch hit, and I can't wait to read Aadler's real story for you!

Sharp Knife of a Short Life (the ‘If I Die Young’ Remix )
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Round 6 of the Circle of Friends Remix is now open for reading at [ profile] cof_remix.

Title: Bittersweet Symphony (the "Nobody Singing to Me Now" Remix)
Author: Sroni
Fandom: Angel
Rating: I guess PG-13? No worse than was on the show.
Disclaimer: Characters from Angel are property of Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, Kuzui Enterprises, Sandollar Television, and the WB.
Original story: “A Shadow of Myself” by [ profile] sevendeadlyfun

Bittersweet Symphony (The 'Nobody Singing to Me Now' Remix )
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It's been forever, I know. Like, forever. I'm mostly okay. We're in a new flat, which is definitely nice, trying to do some writing, mostly failing at that but gonna keep trying.

Dealing with some health issues. I'll be doing really well and then I tank hard, and can barely function, and then I'll get back to doing well. The last couple weeks have been hardest; all of a sudden, I'll be walking and lose feeling in my legs. The first time it happened, I just kept walking despite not being able to feel, and managed to stay upright and keep up with Spouse-Type-Creature and his dad. The second time, not so much, and I hit the ground.

I don't really know how to describe the feeling. It's like when you were a kid and you'd kink the water hose, and the water would stop flowing, and then you'd unbend it and the water would start going again, usually in a huge gush because it had built up behind the kink. If we imagine that my spine is the water hose, I get this "pinchy" feeling in the lower part of my back, near my hips, and feeling in my legs slows to a trickle of water. And then my spine unkinks and a gush of water happens and I'm good again, until it kinks back up and we start over again.

That's not a perfect description of the feeling, but I think it communicates it well enough.

That happened last Monday (the 16th). The falling, I mean. Today, I had to walk to the same place I went on Monday, which is about two miles away. It took me 45 minutes to get there and another 45 minutes to get back, because I stopped whenever I started to get that "pinchy" feeling, because I wasn't on a time crunch and I figured it would be better to stop and stretch rather than push and possibly fall again.

I also sang the entire way and never got out of breath, which means that me being slow is due entirely to my hips and back and not do cardio issues. A month ago, I wsa going at Google Maps speed for walking, and now I was 12 minutes over that for two miles. Which is sad, but hopefully I'll get there again.

Anyway, at one point, I was thinking about my dad's remix from a couple years ago, with Vi and Pike. Man in Motion (The Free Falling Remix). And thinking about it made me realize that those two songs would actually mesh together really well.

So I did it.

It can be found here.

I am proud of it.
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On Sunday, I pulled an all-nighter to finish a story for Circle of Friends. I still fully intend on writing the stories I'd originally intended (there was also a misunderstanding between Aadler and myself; I was assigned Deird1, and when he told me she'd dropped out and asked me to remix Eiland, I took that as an "instead of", while he was meaning "as well". Which is fine, but both of us thought that we'd communicated/understood, and if there'd been any doubt, either one of us would have sought clarification. Looking back over the messages, it was absolutely me that misunderstood, but he's been nice and told me to just post it up when I can.)

Got about two hours of sleep before we had to go to a Nano thing; my region has a "Thank Goodness It's Over" party and had reserved tables at a Japanese place and we'd already RSVPed, so I really couldn't have just dropped out unless it were an honest emergency or "we're really sick". We had a good time, but when we were coming back, I got slammed by a sudden onset migraine. (Realized later that the reason my symptoms were so weird was because I was having a panic attack at the same time that it hit.)

And then I proceeded to have that stupid migraine until Thursday.

I finally kicked it on Thursday night, and decided that I would write on Friday to finish up these stories, since at that point, it was around 9 o'clock. Not late enough that I'd be going to sleep, but not early enough that I wanted to get involved in writing, because that way lies insomnia.

It was a good plan until I woke up on Friday Sick As A Dog. It's a head cold, but it's like the head cold from Hell, and the sinus issues are triggering migraines, yay. And to make it worse, this lovely head cold is trying desperately to move down into my chest.

I'm currently medicated up the whazoo and I'm chugging chicken soup and orange juice like crazy. I'm feeling a lot better than I was on Friday, but still feel extremely lousy. Everything hurts, I can't get warm, and breathing through my nose? Not going to happen. Which is all kinds of fun when I'm sleeping, because I'm such a nose breather that I will wake up unable to breathe because Stupid Body decided to breathe through my nose instead of keep breathing through my mouth like I have been.
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Round 5 of the Circle of Friends Remix is now open for reading at [ profile] cof_remix.

Title: Give Me Three Steps (The “Better Part of Valour” Remix)
Author: [ profile] sroni
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Rating: PG-13? Nothing stronger than would have been on the show, really.
Disclaimer: Characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer are property of Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, Kuzui Enterprises, Sandollar Television, the WB, and UPN.
Original story:Empathy” by [ profile] eilandesq
Notes: This is actually a pinch-hit, simply to meet the deadline. The real remix should be along sometime later on the 6th, possibly as late as the 7th, though hopefully not. So, yay, Eiland gets two stories!

“Give Me Three Steps (the Better Part of Valour Remix)” )

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So, this afternoon we went to a Chinese restaurant and it was lovely. But I wound up kind of choking on some food. I say “kind of choking” because I could still breathe. I could feel myself wanting to freak out, but I forced my throat to remain relaxed and I kept breathing. I tried to kind of work the food back up, because it really hadn’t gone very far, but it wouldn’t move. I tried swallowing it the rest of the way, and that just made it worse. At this point, it was beginning to get difficult to breathe, so I tried to cough it up and wound up gagging it up instead. I’d already thought through what I was going to do if this failed (signal to Spouse, who was sitting right next to me, and if that failed, use the chair to give myself the Heimlich; I know how but I really don’t want to do that if I don’t have to because it hurts). Luckily, the cough/gag worked.

It was odd, because people expect me to not handle things well in an emergency, but so far, every emergency I’ve had, I’ve remained fairly calm and collected each time.


Oct. 21st, 2015 12:20 am
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I've miscarried at around the three month mark for the second time in less than a year.

The doctor doesn't think it's anything that I'm doing that I shouldn't be, or should be doing that I'm not; neither does she think that this is likely to be a recurring problem for me. It's a thing that happens sometimes, and I've just had the bad luck to have a late miscarriage twice. That being said, she does have me on various vitamins and such, including folic acid, and our goal is to get me healthy before we try again (not that we were trying either time, it just happened, and we weren't not trying).

I'll be okay,things are justa little tough right now.
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It occurs to me that maybe I should have written more things from our trip/while we were there/our trip back, but, I didn’t. Oh well.

The trip down )
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Title: World at Her Fingertips
Fandom: BTVS
Characters: Willow, Jenny Calendar
Rating: G/FRC
Word count: 1,365
Recipient/Prompt: [ profile] aaronlisa, Magic vs. Technology: Technology
Three elements you’d like included: Season One or Two Setting, chat rooms, Willow figuring out what’s going on before the others
Two things you don’t want: Dawn, major character death
Range of ratings you’d like to read: any
Setting: Season 2, before “Surprise”.
Summary: Things can be a slippery slope, especially if you convince yourself you’re doing it for the greater good.

World at Her Fingertips )

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I am really bad at actually posting any of the stories I put on Archive of Our Own over here, and I am very sorry about that.

So, months too late:
Original Story: Winning Isn’t Everything by [ profile] n_e_star
Fandom: “the Cutting Edge”
Disclaimer: Not mine, I don’t own, please don't sue.

Love is Not a Victory March (The “Broken Hallejuah” Remix )
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I've had two stories nominated at the No Rest for the Wicked Awards, and I'm humbled, grateful, and proud of the stories, all at the same time. One of the stories nominated is "I Kissed a Girl (The Scientific Method Remix)", which I have to admit is one of my favourite remixes, especially since I wrote it in a matter of hours as a pinch hit for Aadler when his story was taking longer to write than expected. I had a lot of fun writing it and it seems to be fairly well received, which is always gratifying. I believe it was nominated (and I think came in second?) for Running With Scissors around a year ago.

The second story that was nominated was actually from the same remix, "Made to be Broken (The 'Scars of Your Love' Remix)". It was well received, as well, and I got good feedback from it, but I was never as satisfied with it as I was with "I Kissed a Girl". I can't even put my finger on why. I just felt like I should have done more and should have done better. So for it to be nominated, as well... Well. It makes me a happy Roni.

Whoever nominated my stories, thank you very much. I appreciate it tremendously. I write for the joy of writing, it's true, but I also love feedback (even if sometimes I'm crap at responding to it and I promise I'm trying to get better at it), and it seems to be much easier to produce stories when I feel like people are interested and care.

So thank you. Truly.
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Title: Tea for Two
Characters: Buffy, Giles
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 2,067
Summary: Buffy, Giles, and tea through the years.
Prompt: For [ profile] velvetwhip, who wanted a teapot or teacup, confusion about tea, missing Los Angeles, something about Joyce’s art gallery.
Warnings: Various character death (mostly canonical).
Setting: Season 1, Season 5, Season 6, nine years post-“Chosen”.

Tea for Two )


Jul. 22nd, 2015 11:19 pm
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Most if the hives have gone away. It turns out that the main thing I'm allergic to right now is stress, and while I'm stressing, I'm allergic to EVERYTHING. Unfortunately, while I know what's causing the stress, there's nothing I can do about it. So I have hives all over one foot, and all over my lower left arm. The foot is doing a lot better, but the arm... The arm has been steadily gwtting worse. It looks like a severe burn, and I'm starting to worry that it's going to scar.

But, oh well, if it does. It is what it is.

(This was not my feelings last spring when my face sunburned and I scratched it in my sleep. I have a scar on my face now and I was freaking out because I'd been so careful with so many different things before the wedding and I was a sobbing mess because I was going to look like Frankenstein's creation.)

But. It is what it is.

I have so many ideas for stories. I definitely don't lack for ideas.


Jul. 14th, 2015 12:29 pm
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Imagine that you’re at Hogwarts for the first time, and the Hat goes on your head. “I’m so sorry,” it whispers to you, before saying loudly, “Slytherin!”

It’ s your first year. You’ve won the House Cup and you’re getting ready to celebrate.

And then Professor Dumbledore awards just enough points to take the win away from you, with no warning to the House that had won and now lost.

Can you imagine how that would feel? The older ones and Snape trying to convince you that Dumbledore doesn’t hate you? Them trying to convince you that the entire school doesn’t hate you simply because of the colours you wear, while the words taste like dust and lies in their mouths and sound like the lies they are to your ears?

You spend the next six years trying to rise above what everyone thinks you to be, you want to scream and shake the blood purists and the bullies and yell at them, “Stop being what they hate! Stop giving them a reason to hate us more!”, but experience has taught you they won’t listen.

You’re small for your age, you always have been, and in your third year, a pair of bullies beat you bloody for what happened to Hermione Granger and her teeth. It wasn’t your fault, it wasn’t, but you were there and you wear silver and green. Professor Snape finds you and takes you to the hospital wing where you have to stay overnight and he is so angry he’s white because the bullies got twenty points taken away each and that’s all. “What do you expect, Severus? They have witnesses saying that he attacked them first. Obviously they went too far, but they have the right to defend themselves.” You roll away from the words, unable to stomach them.

It’s not the first time you have to spend the night in the hospital wing.

Every Sorting, you whisper for every child, “Don’t be a Slytherin, don’t be a Slytherin.” You wouldn’t wish on anyone this hatred from people who don’t even know you and simply hate what you are.

You’re in your seventh year, almost free of this place that’s so magical to most but has become a hell for you and things get so. much. worse. You are expected to cast torture curses at your fellow classmates. You, who cried the first time you had to feed one of Hagrid’s creatures a live animal, have to torture people you’ve gone to school with. But the Carrows are scary and you don’t want to be on the receiving end, so you do it.

Every time you do it, it gets a little easier and you think that maybe, everyone was right about you. You are evil, you have to be, or you’d be able to stand up instead of hurt. Everyone that hated you, they were right, they were right, they were right, and you start breaking apart.

Imagine that you’re at Hogwarts for the first time, and the Hat goes on your head. “I’m so sorry,” it whispers to you, before saying loudly, “Slytherin!”
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Heat. I am allergic to heat. Keep in mind that before the hives started, I loved being hot because it meant I was finally not cold and cold is painful for me.

We're in Italy. The temperature is around the 90's right now. I'm probably going to live in the bathroom.
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We currently have no internet of our own, but Irish's bosses are awesome and told him to bring me to the office in the off hours so i can hop online. They're really nice and keep inviting me out to office parties; I feel almost like an unofficial staff member here. We're here until November, at which poing we'll head back to Ireland. I'm loving the weather here; Irish thinks it's hot, while it feels like home to me (but we're used to about 30 degrees of difference for what's "home"; I'm used to weather being around 50 in winter, with the dropping cold happening periodically, and 100+ in summer, with 90 or below being oddly cool, while his winters are in the negatives, and his summers are around 60-70 degrees), so it's no wonder he's dying of heat. I'd put the temp here at around 80, 85, with about 60% humidity, which means for me, it's nowhere near as bad as what i'm used to, and for him, it's a lot worse than he's used to.

I've been walking into town multiple times a week, which means about a mile up a STEEP hill. It's bad enough that even Irish is feeling the strain when he walks up it, and he's 1) in much better shape than I am, and 2) used to walking up hills. I started off having to stop at lesst thrre times on the trip up, just because of my thighs and ribs, but on the last few trips I've managed to not need to stop. I don't know how much weight I've lost because I will not allow myself to own a scale (I get too focused on numbers and then I get obsessive and it's just healthier for me to pay attention to how I'm feeling than my weight), but my jeans are hella baggy now, and I know that my waist is about ten inches smaller than it was when I left the States in January. For my birthday, I bought an excersise ball and a twist board, and they've seen a lot of use.

The place we're currently living is fantastic, and we've been adopted by the landlords (the lady comes down every Friday for two hours, to help us clean and visit with us). Unfortunately, we'll be moving elsewhere at the end of the month, something about the way the house is zoned. The landlords are really sad we'll be leaving, and I'm going to miss them.

I have about 25,000 words written on a series. This makes me ridiculously happy, but I'm apparently insane because I have at least twelve stories planned out. (One of the books needs something, though, because the plot is just not along the same lines as the other plots; I'm going to have to figure out how to add the type of thing that's in all the others to the existing plot. But that's seven or so books down the line.)

I've been reading the Game of Thrones books, and eh. I like the characters a lot but the more i read the books the more I realize I don't like them. I'm reading because I want to know what happens to the characters I like.

I've been watching a lot of Nickelodeon and Disney shows; this isn't unusal for me because i love Nick and Disney, even if I am a grown ass woman. Mostly, i've been watching them because I still don't understand Italian and I can mostly understand what's going on with these shows. I'm almost starting to understand diaologue, even when I don't recognize individual words. (I don't know how to explain it; I have no idea what the words that were said are, but about 50% of the time, I can tell you what the English sentence was. I seriously have no idea what the Italian was, so I can't look it up, but I know what's being said in English.)

I want to see movies. I miss movies.
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It seems like other people should have, but when I do a search, all that comes up is a Castle fanfic and a Southland fic, both titled “End of Watch”. Which is weird, because I have had these characters in my head since I came out of the theatre the weekend the movie came out. I got tired of looking for this story and decided to write it. Notes will be at the end.

Used To Be … )
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